Re: What was the first oscilloscope to have cursors?


On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 8:05 PM nj902 <> wrote:

Cursors as in highlighted dots (or bars) that can be moved along the trace with a corresponding method of determining time and voltage..

A second part of the question (if the answer is different) - which was the first Tektronix scope to have cursors.
Cursor voltage measurement on a Tek scope would have been possible in
1974, certainly. With a 7D12/M2 plugin the timebase delay settings can
be used to highlight a portion of trace for voltage measurement, and
any delayed timebase with a calibrated delay will effectively do
cursor time measurement. If you want on-screen digital readout of
delta-delayed time that comes in 1976 with the 7B85. So in the 7000
series scopes, I'd say that manually-controlled digital cursor
measurements of time and voltage were possible together for the first
time in 1976.


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