2445b shelf vents for bottom air intakes - should I?


Hi guys and gals,

So, laying out a new shelf for my 2445b (and my 465b) on my revised electronics bench. For my scopes I have gone with a tilted shelf with 18 degrees tilt, because that's what my big brother did. (Thanks Mike! :-) While moving my 2445b around, I was reminded that the 2445b has air intake holes on the bottom side. I did some searching of past threads here about those holes. From searching these posts, and from common sense, I understand the bottom vents should not be blocked by sitting the bottom of the unit "flat down" on the shelf surface.

So, got that...don't block bottom vents. However, that got me to wondering...should I go one step further and open up more generous vent openings on my shelf? I mean several circular holes aligned with the scope bottom vent pattern - holes that would service the unit with relatively unrestricted airflow up through the bottom.

Normally, I wouldn't mind doing the modest amount of work required to cut four or five holes in my shelf...but these days I'm not looking for extra work. as the COVid disability aftermath makes every little cutting task an adventure. However, I perceive from reading various posts and comments that the cooling in the 2445b is about at the limit for a single muffin fan.

Has anyone else taken this precaution? Am I worrying about nothing? I really like my 2445b and hate to see her run hot just because I was lazy. I appreciate the great advice here on this group, and thanks in advance.


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