Re: Looking for an T5611-25 CRT (or -7 or -2)

Bob Rosenbloom

I also have a PDP-12, though mine uses a DEC VR14 for the monitor. It's a 11 or 12" CRT with magnetic deflection and a P7 phosphor. It also has two TU-56 DECTAPE units but unfortunately no DF32 or paper tape reader/punch. A few photos of the PDP-12 are here:

The VR14's tube was not lighting up so I removed it. Turns out the base was loose and actually fell off. Nothing was broken, the wire pins out of the back of the CRT just were not soldered to the base anymore. I re-soldered them and glued the base back on and now the tube lights up. There's still work need on the deflection amps though.

Here's a photo of my 12 bit DEC collection showing the LINC-8 next to the PDP-12.

The PDP-12 is built out of M-series flip-chips where were TTL based. The LINC-8 uses mostly R series transistor, no IC, modules. It a few years older than the PDP-12. At the far right is a PDP-5 which used system building block modules. They were made out of germanium transistors. Same modules as used in the original LINC computer and DEC PDP-1.

There's two Tek 7954 scopes at the left, and an RM-503 above a PDP-8/i. That has a nice, bright, P2 phosphor CRT.

The LINC-8 is going to be a big project. It's missing around 100 cards for one, then the badly burned CRT, and it's missing it's LINCTAPE drive.

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