Re: Cleaning Scratchy Bourns MOD pots


I'm trying to clean and lubricate the INTENSITY control on a 7603. The control is a Bourns mod pot with three sections: two potentiometers (0-5k) and a switch. It is an old-style black and brown variety that is held together with screws. Tek part# 311-1404-00.

Getting the sections apart was easy enough (just unscrew four screws), but I can't seem to get into the potentiometers themselves. There's no direct access to the wiper and track from either side. It looks like the brown part of the section should slide out, but I have not been able to budge it by applying moderate force.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get the individual potentiometer sections open to clean and lubricate the wiper and track?

-- Jeff Dutky

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