Re: What do you do when you get a call from AUSTRALIA


Glad you are ok Dennis. Your 1st post displayed a great sense of humor concerning all this - much respect.

my 2 cent response to a great list:
- It's completely off-topic
# yes, but the humanity frequently displayed in this forum is not.
- It objectifies Dennis and his experiences
- Contents of posts may spread uncontrollably
# What? BTW: my cat... more later :-)
- With Dennis being our moderator, how/when can/should he moderate and cut the off-topic thread, should he decide in favor of that?
# Very insightful!
- The familiar lack of distinction between being depressed and (clinical) depression, common with laymen and non-patients, already popped up. These are *very* different things. From what Dennis told us, it's extremely likely that the latter applies to him. Again, I recommend - without any authority to enforce - to not touch this.
# Agree. See objectified comment above.

One note if I may: (from personal experience without making this about me) While knowing one is not alone is very helpful, there is the potential for well meaning concern becoming a burden, requiring response at a time when response is difficult. And there is the privacy issue that might be difficult to fathom unless you have been the object of inquiry, though I bet many here get that, having been around long enough to have their own stories.

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