Re: TDS-540B Repair?

Harvey White

The display is a standard magnetically deflected monitor.

There are some tricks if you have some shaky hands, and that's to do what artists do, which is a palm or wrist rest while working.


On 7/12/2021 11:29 AM, Jeff Dutky wrote:
The fact that heat and vibration "cured" the CRT issues suggests a bad solder joint or connector contact, so that should be eminently repairable. You might even be able to fix it merely by careful disassembly and reassembly with cleaning of all contacts with IPA. The dead high impedance on channel 1 may be a bit more work, but I expect it's down to replacement of a now shorted component early in the input channel. I see from the TekWiki that the TDS540 is all SMD construction, so it's not easy work for people with failing eyesight and shaking hands.

The display appears to be a regular raster display, not a traditional electrostatic deflection CRT, so replacement with an LCD does seem like an excellent option.

-- Jeff Dutky

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