Re: Looking for an T5611-25 CRT (or -7 or -2)


Hi Bob,

If you really need a 561b CRT, then the TEk part number you would seem to need is 154-0614-00

That’s external graticule, Standard p31 phosphor and Standard B14-38 basing.

Note that the -01, -02 and -03 versions of this 154-0614-xx part number are electrically and physically the same, except P2, P7, and P31 phosphors

Is your CRT ceramic? Can you accept a glass CRT?

If so, there is an electrically equivalent earlier CRT, in glass, the T5032. There are about eleven TEK T5032 part numbers that would appear to me at first glance to work, if the glass vs. ceramic thing doesn’t blow up your world.

See them, here:

The first eleven p/n have external graticule. Some phosphors are “better” for you than others.

I see at least one complete 561b on fleabay - being parted out. That’s here, and looks like it might be an external graticule CRT.

Hope this helps

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