Re: Calibrate the time base, or horizontal amplifier?


Thank you for the many inputs.

I am looking for a way to calibrate this 5113 scope without dedicated calibrators. Otherwise it becomes too much for me, just for this one time action. I can use an Agilent 33120A digital controlled oscillator, and a 34301A 6 digit multimeter with build in frequency counte, a stabile DC power supply and an HP pulse generator. Even the build in 100Hz signal calibration signal, derived from the mains is a good time reference.

I can input signals directly on the scope boards if needed, or tap signals there. I understand with a 100MHz scope it can not be done like that. The 5113 is just a low frequency scope, and the equipment I have can do much higher frequency than the scope itself.

Having repaired the HV circuit, it is not possible to say what the HV was before, but it was over 3530V after the repair. So I set it to 3400V, by the book. Changing the HV, from what I know, does change the size of the projected picture on the CRT.

Any good hints before I start are much appreciated.

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