Re: What do you do when you get a call from AUSTRALIA


Hi Dennis,
I'm so glad you were helped by a member who took the time to give you a call - probably at great expense.

I had a bad accident in 2005 that changed my life. Several people I interacted with on another web site where I am a moderator sent me messages, and that helped. What really helped was a two pronged thing. First, some called me as you were called. The best thing was I resumed helping people on that web site. The very best medicine is helping total strangers - or acquaintances with your skill set.

Today I am able to do more, but has severe limitations to deal with. My wife died a year and change ago, but continuing to help people has allowed me to get through all this. Today I have a girlfriend and things are looking pretty good. This would not be possible without the opportunity to lend a hand to my fellow human being. Just know you are appreciated and people care for your well being. You do make a difference in people's lives Dennis.


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