Re: TDS5054B all LEDs lit, blank screen

David Kuhn

" It does look like a nice scope, if you like the fly-by-wire instruments."

It's not as easy to operate as a Siglent or Tektronix TDS3000 series. It
does have a very nice display. Even though it's Windows 2000, I've been
able to get it to see my network server so that screenshots can be saved to
a share folder to be used in a word document on my computer. It is very
fast operation, 500MHz, 5GS/S. If it was a little more intuitive, I may
have had it certified to use with calibrations I do and worked it into some
of my utility software. Right now, it impresses the heck of people seeing
it on the repair bench running. For what I use it for on the repair bench,
a cheap Siglent would work - lol. I do want to work it into my utility
software sometime. With fast 400volt pulses, it matches my TDS3054 almost
exactly voltage, Rise Time and Pulse Width. Some scope can not even match
themselves between channels.

I don't think Tek's OpenChoise software works with it for screen shots and
setup uploads. I don't know that Tek has a utility for it. If you are
looking for a more easily usable/capable scope, I can highly recommend the
TDS3000 series. I prefer the Pre-C versions of them. The TDS3000 s are so
easy just to twist knobs and use. Openchoice works well with them and they
are easy to control and get data from using VISA commands via GPIB or
NETWORK interface. The TDS5054B just has that cool factor and can make you
feel smart when you finally figure out how to tell it you are using a 100:1
probe (LOL) or just when you use it for that matter - heh heh.

I forget what I paid for them (Okay I found out $900 for one with four
brand new P5050 Scope Probes, and $540 for one with four used scope
probes). Both worked fine when I got them, but they are huge for a digital

So in summary: The cool factor is off the scale -lol, Ease of Use, below

On Sat, Jul 10, 2021 at 5:31 PM Jeff Dutky <jeff.dutky@...> wrote:


For almost $1000 (including shipping) there are units that are much more
obviously functional on the auction site. I'm not sure why you would buy
this unit at that price.

It does look like a nice scope, if you like the fly-by-wire instruments.

-- Jeff Dutky

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