Re: TDS5054B all LEDs lit, blank screen

David Kuhn

They are very, very nice scopes, but they are not quite as easy to use as
other digital scopes. You can not always just reach up twist knobs and
what not. A mouse hooked up does help, despite the touch screen. I think
it is more of an engineering scope than an everyday troubleshooting tool.
With that said, I have one on my trouble-shooting bench (lol) and use it
all the time for that purpose. Sometimes, I am saved by the autoset button
(heh heh heh).

With mine, I replaced the internal IDE hard drives with a 500gb SATA
Samsung SSD. It works perfectly. I think I used Norton Ghost 11 (on a
Blue-Sky bootable CD) to image the original drive and put the image on to
the SSD. I also updated the processor and added more memory (although I
really don't know if Windows 2000 is using the extra ram to great effect).

I do have another TDS5054B-NV-AV that I will be putting on EBAY someday, or
selling to someone. I have not upgraded it, but it runs fine. The problem
with selling is shipping. Those things are heavy for a digital scope and
BIG. I am sure by the time I double-box it, it will be "oversized" on
UPS's web site and cost $75 to ship without insurance (maybe less, but then
the shipping supplies). People generally all think shipping is free
anymore, or probably under $20. Yea, that's why I hesitate to sell
stuff. I always get screwed paying too much to ship. Anyway, I do hate to
see it on a shelf not being used. My original thought was to have it for
parts (screen, ACQ board, MB, etc,)


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Never mind I just noticed it's in Nigeria ...

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Listed on that auction site. Is this a common problem with known fixes,

IOW is it worth buying of a speculative basis?


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