Re: Semi-OT: protoboards as seen in (aftermarket) 7K plugin 'Automatic 9-16 Point Rasterizer'

Ke-Fong Lin

Viking seems to be part of Eaton, and it's not clear from their website
whether they still make card edge connectors. You could probably substitute
any manufacturers card edge connector for the Viking part. Maybe you could
have the guide arms 3D printed.
You may want to try EDAC ( Mouser (and Digikey probably) carries a large selection of their card edge connectors.
Maybe not necessarily an exact number of contacts, but still a large choice of number of positions and pitches, with eyelets or PCB pins for soldering.
For example, 76 pins adequate for 7000 series plugin (EDAC 345-076-520-201) is available (PCB pins, not eyelet).
Prices are of course quite a bit higher than what you would found on aliexpress.

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