Re: RSA 3408 A Real time spectrum analyser


RSA3408A, actually manufactured in this century, is almost a contemporary instrument (compared to much of what is discussed in this group). Considering that spectrum analyzers seem to retain their value much longer than scopes, I would expect that a reasonable asking price (for a working unit) to be in the same range as the original retail price.

That said, the most recent catalog that I could find was from 2000 and an 8GHz spectrum analyzer (the R3465) cost $32,995 (base model). If we just scale that up for inflation we get $51,580. So I'd guess that the expected price for a used (and working) SA of relatively recent vintage would be at least $5,000-$10,000.

Disclaimer: I'm not very familiar with spectrum analyzers, so I'm not confident that the R3465 is a good analog for the RSA3408A, which has a much lower frequency floor.

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