Re: FTAGH: Free to a good home: 465/475 scopes

Gordon Smith

Hi Jeff,
I must most strongly advise you to NOT ship this scope (or any other item that can be broken) via UPS. Having them pack it is fine, but please do not ship via UPS. I and many others have had nothing but bad experiences with them for breakable items. As was recommended to me once, if you are shipping something with UPS please pack assuming that your item will be dropped 12 ft onto a hard concrete floor. And I am not joking. If you really want the scope to make it through the mail, please please ship via Fedex or USPS. That is just my experience, YMMV.

73, Gordon KJ6IKT

On Tue, Jul 6, 2021 at 03:36 PM, Jeff Davis wrote:
Sure, I can do that, no problem. If it makes no difference to you, the UPS
store is somewhat more convenient for me.

On Jul 6, 2021, at 3:29 PM, greenboxmaven via
<> wrote:

´╗┐Would you be willing to take one or two of the scopes to a Fedex store,
they can pack and ship them with no further effort on your part and I can do
all of the payment from my end. Thanks,

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

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