Re: FTAGH: Free to a good home: 465/475 scopes


Would you be willing to take one or two of the scopes to a Fedex store, they can pack and ship them with no further effort on your part and I can do all of the payment from my end. Thanks,

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 7/6/21 16:53, Jeff Davis wrote:
Hi All,

I have roughly 25 Tek 465, 465B, 475, and 475A scopes, some with DMMs, available free for local pickup in the Orange County, California area.

These are in various stages of functionality from fully functional to won't turn on. Most have had some preliminary troubleshooting but I haven't attempted to repair any of these.

My intention was to fix them up and resell them on eBay as a retirement project. I found that the market prices for them didn't justify the time and effort to refurbish them (for someone else. For my own use is a different story!).

Unfortunately, any of these that aren't gone in a month or so will end up in the landfill, so I'd really like to see them find good homes. That said, I don't want to ship them - local pickup only.


Jeff / N0DY

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