Have a 2467B. Suggestions please on very poor focus


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I've acquired a 2467B, with no power-up error codes, but very poor focus. It has SN of BO50000+.

It's been in storage some years. I let it sit / powered on a couple days, same issue (as I expected). In the 2465B/2467B service manual, Preliminary Troubleshooting flowchart, I get past the 4'th step just prior to the PS test step, and now I have a decision to make.

Any experience with availability / sources of the CRT 154-0850-01 is appreciated -- having had some past experience with CRTs, and lack of diagnostics errors prior to the PS checks, time it has been in storage -- this "feels" like a soft/weak CRT. The traces don't appear to be distorted (rather are basically barely readable, totally out of focus).

As I assumed, I find no new / NOS tubes, I do see one seller on eBay/Greece -- they seem to go for between 75 and 300$ US. So, can be expensive.

As well, any ideas on the going price for a used 2467B such as this (unusable until the focus is fixed), is appreciated!

Opts 5H and 09.

There are no major cosmetic flaws, but the intensity control outer shell has fallen off.

Thank you !

N. Cal.

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