Re: Remove Face Plate from 7000-series Plug-in



Thanks! Lifting the knob beneath the pushbutton did the trick, and with no particular use of force needed. I think that trying to remove the pushbutton directly with compressing in on the shaft and making it much harder to remove than it would otherwise be (I was doing the customary thing with pushbuttons: cover the button in a rag, and pull with pliers, but the IDENT pushbutton is much smaller than the square pushbuttons on 400-series portable scopes that I normally use that technique on, so I think it was deforming under the applied pressure).

With that button/knob pair removed the lower retention tabs of the face plate came free on the first try, again requiring no particular use of force. Now I just need to unsolder the Vc output connector and the whole face plate should be released.

-- Jeff Dutky

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