Re: Remove Face Plate from 7000-series Plug-in


Okay, I think that part of my problem is that I didn't remove every fitting that actually needed to be removed. I'm specifically having trouble with the POSITION/Vc REF-IDENT knob/switch. Loosening the knob's set screw released the knob from its shaft, but it is still trapped by the Vc REF-IDENT pushbutton, which I can't seem to remove. Again, maybe I'm just not applying enough (or the proper) force, but I am hesitant to break anything. Does anybody know what the trick is to removing the Vc REF-IDENT pushbutton?

It also appears that I need to completely remove the Vc OUT connector, which requires solder work (that's not stopping me, but I'd hoped that I didn't have to do that much work just to get the face plate off).

-- Jeff Dutky

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