Re: 5-120-005 Transformer : What Instrument?


Strange - I thought the p/n of all transformers started with 120- ??

Should that turn out to be 120-005 then it’s from a pretty early piece of test equipment, as it is a very early format for part numbers : Later part numbers padded the second part to 4 digits with leading zeros e.g. 120-0005


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Subject: [TekScopes] 5-120-005 Transformer : What Instrument?


A ham-radio friend have obtained a transformer from a scrapped (shame!) Tek-scope
part no: 5-120-005

Neither him or I have been able to find the scope that it was used in.
There are transformer data for some Tek transformers but not this one.

Yes I know - and download every available service manual
but nevertheless if someone recognise it...


Ulf Kylenfall

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