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Harvey White

I'd guess 500 mah NiCD (not NIMH) batteries.

IIRC, at that time, it was all you could get other than lead acid batteries, which would have a very different package. 6 batteries gives you 7.2 volts to 8 volts nominal, which when used with a 7805 regulator (needs about 3 volts differential, not sure that they had low dropout regulators then).  This gets you close to the right voltage.  You can make a lower dropout regulator with trasistors, so the numbers work.


On 6/28/2021 8:29 PM, ken chalfant wrote:

Forgive this clearly off-topic request for help. I am working with a friend to identify AC power problems in his shop. To this end I have retrieved my old BMI GS-2 power line monitor out of storage. It is fitted with six (6) double A (AA) size rechargeable batteries that are in very bad condition, covered with white crystalline corrosion. I am guessing these are 1.2 V batteries but I am not sure, nor do I know what type of rechargeable batteries these are.

The instrument was made in the early 1980’s. The schematic identifies these batteries as Gould MS5001. The actual batteries appear to have been manufactured by SAFT in Mexico and carry the number PT 406418 and I’m guessing the number 4882 is a lot or DOM number. Thus far web searching has proven futile.

Any help will be most appreciated!

Thanks for the bandwidth.



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