Re: Type CA module in a 545

David Kuhn

No, no, no, sorry, the 6AU6 tubes.

I fixed the problem. I cheated. I kept going back and forth between the
"good" and "Weak" module. The differences were so subtle. I do think I
have a few weak 6AU5 tubes, but I can not prove that to myself anymore.
Anyway, I cheated and turned the gain of the 545A chassis up (R1027) up a
bit. Now all modules can be calibrated for proper gain.

On Sat, Jun 26, 2021 at 3:42 PM Jeff Dutky <> wrote:

Where are you seeing CA plug-ins for $10 (much less 99 cents) on eBay? All
I see are $39 + $9.99 shipping.

Not that I need another CA, but at those prices I might have a need for a
parts mule or three.

-- Jeff Dutky

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