Re: also looking for CMD80 docs....

nonIonizing EMF

Rescued another 7904 and a few 7000 series plugins. Made sure to grab a 5000 series plugin as well... even if only for the case and a DP501, TM501, 2 - PG506's and a SG504. I still need to test everything after cleaning and inspecting.

Most all the other Tektronix equipment had been picked other than a dozen or so 500 series plugins if anyone is interested in and a device I've never read about before, a Sony - Tektronix 308 Data Analyzer. I'm in SW Michigan if anyone wants me to grab what's left since sounds like being post 4 rounds of estate sales, the items are going to be scrapped. I couldn't believe the pricing I paid for what I got.

Also, scored another PMI 1038-NS20 with a manual and some H and V plugins for the D14 mainframe with four detectors. There are a few other D14 mainframes left and one is rack mount with the N10.

@nj902 On the topic of the Anritsu MT8801B..., found one of those too that came home with me with options 01 and 02. Was wondering if anyone knows if option 07 can be firmware/software turned on or is there internal specific hardware required/modified too?

On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 11:57 AM, nj902 wrote:

Alternatively, if you what you really want is an affordable instrument that
works at 1.4 GHz, look no further than the Anritsu MT8801B and its cousins.

Unlike some of the available test sets like the HP89XX instruments that cover
from 1-1000 and then jump to 1.7 to cover the PCS freqs, the 8801 has
uninterrupted coverage to 3 GHz - just be sure to get the analog option and
the spectrum analyzer option. The spectrum analyzer is actually quite

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