Re: 7S12 problem update

Chris van Lint

Hi Steph,

Thanks for your suggestion, but I think you may have missed my point.  I did replace that pot with a standard 10K pot, just to see whether that would fix the issue. Unfortunately it did *_not_* do so.  There is no point in hunting for an exact replacement, if it does not fix the problem.


On 24/06/2021 17:47, Steph L wrote:
Curiosity had me download manual and search R151. I take it it's a dual 10K carbon pot with separate inside/outside shafts.

Just a suggestion. Maybe Spheres p/n 311-1192-00 (10K + switch) might be adaptable to transform the back end switch assembly to a second 10K pot, driven by the switch shaft?

All the listed 10K+ 10K pots are sold.

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