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Welcome aboard, Morris. I'm just a novice collector, and only have one scope (a late 535A, Scopemobile, and a few plugins). But, it's in almost mint condition and I have all the probes, cords, and manuals, even the little mini-manual under the popup hood on the top of the scope. The scope is a joy to use and works perfectly. Truly a tribute to good engineering and design. I like it because it's older than I am and is also the type of stuff that put America in space in the 60's. Think about it. We went to the moon over 30 years ago. Pocket calculators were just a dream. Amazing.

I digress...Enjoy the group and keep warm with your tubes!

Chris Beck
West Bend, Wisconsin. wrote:

I'm very pleased to have found this group as I am a great lover and
collector of vacuum tube Tek scopes here in Melbourne Australia. My
collection includes examples of the 310A, 502, 524AD, 529, 533A, 535A,
547 (my workhorse bench scope), 549, the enormous 555 scoposaurus, 575
and many plugins including a homebrew spectrum analyzer built into an
old plugin caracass and a Japanese commercial transistor testing
plugin built into a Tek blank. I also have a number of other
manufacturers' scopes as well, and sundry other pieces of Tek
equipment and manuals.

My interests include restoration and using these wonderful machines. I
can remember the first time I saw an oscilloscope and being fascinated
by it at the age of about 10. A few years later I saw my first Tek - a
549 with a 1A4 plugin �- and it was a really mind blowing experience
compared to the sorts of scopes experimenters had access to in the
1960s. Now I'm very happy to be able to own some of these
instruments and fully understand their workings.

I hope I will be able to contribute to the discussions here, both in
the way of helping others and learning along the way.


Morris Odell

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