Re: 7S12 problem


Mine DC knob was separated into two of press too hard. You can try push the pot back into one piece from the back side.

Worth a try.

Yang Cui

On Mon, Jun 21, 2021, at 7:09 PM, Chris van Lint wrote:
Hi all,

My 7S12 sudden stopped working in a TDR configuration, using a S6 and
S52 plug-in.  I know that the S52 and the S6 are OK, as they have been
tested on a different 7S12.  The problem appears to be in the DC balance
circuitry.  Turning either or both the coarse and fine balance control
knobs does not result in any vertical movement of the trace. The
horizontal trace is there and can be varied in terms of speed.  I wonder
whether somebody who has experience with this beast can give me some
idea where to start looking, as this is quite a daunting bit of gear.


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