Re: 6DJ8 substitute idea - reverse engineering

Shaun M

I have some experience with the Russian 6N23P tubes from various vendors.

To summarize:
Most vendors I have dealt ship from Ukraine and the shipping time can be quite long (up to 8 weeks) to Canada.
I check all the tubes on a curve tracer (uTracer) and run a set of plate curves to sort them.
The quality of the tubes is variable, but I have had many more fair-weak tubes than very good-excellent ones.
I bought the cheaper lot quantity tubes (say 20 tubes) rather than the ones marketed to the audio crowd (date matched, matched quad, etc., etc.)
I have received refunds for tube lots that were really junk and sold as "tested" or "new".
I have used the 6N23P in vintage gear in place of the 6DJ8; in fact, the initial reason I investigated the 6N23P was the HP 428B which uses two of them.

Shaun Merrigan

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