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Dave Wise

Keith, if you go ahead with your idea I will be looking forward to a report.
Meanwhile, if you want to save your strength for other projects, the 348-008 fan mount used in the 500 series can be drop-in replaced by McMaster-Carr part number
9376K15 or 9213K11. One is neoprene, the other natural rubber. Same dimensions and hardness.
I bought a bag years ago and was giving them away, but my supply has finally dwindled.
There are dozens if not hundreds of similar parts sold at Amazon and so on.

Dave Wise

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re: fan vibration isolators, p/n 348-008 and similar

Well, I've looked at these some already, and I am about to have to address this on my 575 rebuild. I'm toying with the idea of adapting Sorbothane and forming my own version of isolator replacements for Tek 348-008. I know it won't be original, but Sorbothane will outperform rubber any day of the week for vibration isolation. I hate fan vibration noise.

Sorbothane is fairly easy to find and comes in different elasticity values. Here are examples;

As equipment feet:<>

As disc bushings adaptable to various uses;<>

I've used this before. It is really a much better material than Buna-N rubber.

Of course, we have to accept that it won't look quite NOS original, which will definitely cost us points at the Concours d'Elegance judging events for our restored scopes. :-)

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