Re: Another interesting Tektronix web site

Dave Wise

I performed this procedure on one of the chassis cushion mounts in my Type D plugin. (Tek P/N 348-0007-00. 348-0087-00 might work too.)

No effect.

Must be a different rubber.

Unless someone has another idea, I will look at cushions made for RC helicopter camera mounts.
This one caught my eye:
HONBAY 24pcs RC Anti Vibration Rubber Balls for Fright Controller Gimbal

On closer look, it's far from ideal. The parts are 13mm overall height, 8mm overall diameter, 6mm hole diameter, approximately 7mm chassis spacing.
The mounting holes in Type D are themselves 8mm diameter (5/16") so the cushions will slip free unless the chassis and subchassis are modified, perhaps by gluing down washers with 6mm ID.
Also the Type D chassis are spaced on approximately 10mm centers, not 7mm, so glue the washer on the bottom side of the upper and the top side of the lower.

I'll report results in a month or so.

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