Re: Tektronix 603A Storage Monitor Questions

Harvey White

Possibly a panadaptor readout for your receiver.  RF modulation monitor on the transmitter.  Dedicated scope with some TM500 modules.  Attach the inputs to the ramp and signal outputs of another scope, and you can freeze a trace for reference, somewhat of a dual screen oscilloscope with a memory, all analog.


On 6/19/2021 1:11 AM, henryfinley wrote:
Thank for your help. I guess I need a couple 50ohm BNC cables, but don't know where on my 465 or 2215 to hook it all up. And I can't imagine what use a storage monitor would be good for in ordinary radio work. It's in fine shape, but i have an idea it's just more junk cluttering up my little living room.

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