Re: Email adresses of group exposed

John Clark

I would also agree with Jean-Paul. My email address shows up in searches from Tekscopes, as well. I, too, have seen a huge increase in spam recently. Interestingly, I am in another group and that group's results are not showing up in Google searches.


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I would agree with Jena-Paul. I googled my email address and it did show
the Tekscopes messages with email addy. And I have recently seen more spam
in my inbox. Not inundated, but an unusual amiount

On Sat, Jun 19, 2021 at 6:10 AM Colin Herbert via <colingherbert=> wrote:

You may well be "inundated with spam" but I am not. The way my posts come
from "Tekscopes" is the same as it always has been - some email addresses
are easily seen, but some are slightly obscured by a method which a human
can get around. Perhaps the problem is at your end?

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Hello all: Somehow the masking of our email adresses after the poster's
name has been compromised.

If you google your own email address the messages posted to Tekscopes and
other will show up with FULL EMAIL address exposed.

This explains why we are inundated with spam.

Can the group admin or Admin fix the appearance of our own email
adresses on the sie and messages?

I can post a screenshot if needed.

Kind Regards,


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