SG 502 Assistance?


Greetings everybody.

Hope this is an okay place to post this. I’m a member of the TM 500 group as well and will redirect this to there if advised.

I’ve been a member for some years but really essentially lurk as time to tinker with my audio and Tek gear is in limited to non-existent supply.

But the time has come to try and get my stuff working. I have a modest TM 500 setup…mainly using two TM 504 frames loaded with:

SC 502 (needs work…have a couple parts units)
DM 501A (dead…doesn’t appear to power up)
PS 503A (works!)
FG 502 (unknown commodity just yet)
AA 501A (seems to work!)
SG 502 (this seems to work too…more below)

I have additional modules, DC 504 (unknown commodity), an additional PS 503A, PS 501-1, DD 501, and too many mainframes…need to get rid of some…RTM 506, two spare TM 504, and two TM 503.

I want to use my TM 500 gear primarily to maintain/repair analog audio equipment.


That’s the rundown.

So I’m working on the SG 502. It cleaned up nice, the frequency range buttons are a bit sticky, but the AA 501A says it is producing <0.004% THD from about 9Hz to 108kHz. Nice! The interesting thing is once you go outside of that range, like almost immediately, the distortion goes up considerably. Like…50% THD and higher. Are there any usual suspects I should address as a given with my SG 502 before doing anything else, or outside of that does anybody have any suggestions for a next step to helping it perform within spec across it’s designed frequency range (5Hz to 500kHz)?


Cory Oace

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