Re: 7104 versions, and vertical amplifier issue

Tom Lee

And the 7104's ~1V/cm jug is good to 3GHz as well, a fact exploited in specially modded versions of the 7104 sold by at least one company (B&H Engineering) back in the day. The cost was given in dBdollars to help soften the sticker shock.


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Rebonjour à tous

Bon courage, sure you will fix it,

The 7A29 have very special elastomeric switches AC/DC and attenuator that are prone to intermittents.

Use special precautions in cleaning as per manual.



PS This fine instrument is a real classic, the fastest analog CRT scope ever, originally for US AEC nuclear weapons testing. We are very lucky to have such a great design revitalized and in our labs. Vive la Tektronix !
The Soviets had 3GHz direct display scopes.

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