Re: GPIB Connection to 2340A - Response garbled #photo-notice


I have never used Prologix but looking at the screenshot of Prologix GPIB configurator I noticed that there is the EOT (End of Transmission) configuration. Surely if it is set to CR / LF there is a good chance that the Tek will interpret the extra CR as an unknown character.
I suggest experimenting with the various configuration possibilities until you find the most suitable choice.

For your information I use by years the Agilent/Keysight 82357B USB / GPIB interface with the Agilent I/O Suite libraries. So I can use the VISA programming API. Sometimes I use low-level SICL libraries (Standard Interface Control Library) to create test programs.

I don't use NI-VISA because they are very "huge". They force you to install all the software package and the .NET framework when you only need a driver and a DLL or two...

The Agilent IO Suite is much more efficient and streamlined. I have been using it since 2014, on WIndows XP. I currently use Windows 7 and Windows 10 and I have never found serious problems, neither in installation, nor in the use of drivers / DLLs.
By contrast, the National Instruments libraries are plenty of bugs, aside from the fact that they are an "elephant" in every sense of the word.
I think NI is more oriented and suitable toward virtual instrumentation. (LabView docet).
Agilent/Keysight are more suitable for "real" instruments, hardware instrumentation with "real" GPIB hardware (and not an emulated one).

Maybe also that Agilent/Keysight (formerly the Hewlett-Packard) GPIB software/hardware are happier when they discover they are connected to my vintage instruments, Tektronix, HP or Philips, haha


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