Re: 576 Curve Tracer FET Adapter Differences

Dan G

On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 10:00 PM, Michael W. Lynch wrote:

Is there any way to open this adapter? It appears to be sealed and
That is odd. Every adapter I've seen (both 013-0098 and 013-0099) has
a set of six 5/64" hex head screws accessible from the bottom of the
adapter. Perhaps Tektronix switched to a snap-in design at some
late stage without changing the part number? If so, I wouldn't hazard
a guess on how to open the enclosure without damage.

If you do manage to open the plastic enclosure, I do have one word
of warning: the PCB inside is probably sitting on a set of six very thin
pins that protrude from the rear ends of the banana plugs. If you need to
remove the PCB, lift it very carefully and evenly upwards, so as to avoid
tilting the PCB and breaking the pins. I find that one end of an IC puller
works well to slowly work around the edges of the PCB as it is
gradually pulled up.

Best of luck,

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