Re: Added lots of hard to find FETs and MOSFETs to the Stuff page.

Ondrej Pavelka

That is indeed interesting, I found it ever harder for Telequipment FETs.
They used British foundry and I'm afraid all the documentation is long
lost. I managed to substitute one eventually but it was a trial and error
method supported by some not very thorough circuit theory assumptions.
Overall it's a pain in the rear because so many FETs are no longer made.

On Mon, 7 Jun 2021, 20:34 walter shawlee, <> wrote:

So many people have been chasing hard to find FETs recently that I spent
some time digging though all our semi inventory, and posted up the ones I
thought might be useful for fixing test gear and RF items. You can see them
here on the stuff day page:

I have put the Tek parts there too (and I have more to post this week,
also HP parts). I will try and make sure there is a rich assortment there
to look through. I also added three interesting FET substitution guides at
the top of the section, to help you find a replacement for that toasted
part. There are 2N4000/500 series parts, J-series parts, and M-series
parts, plus Tek 151-1xxx parts so far. I also have siliconix ultra low
leakage current diodes and CL diodes I will add in shortly.

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

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