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Emission Labs,
Be EXTREAMLY cautious in that supply and extremely picky what parts you use in it. Even when the setting of the 576 is not set high that supply Is generating 1500+ Vac and rectified VDC at the same time and it is floating and not chassis referenced. The voltage is there it is just not leaving the supply.


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The TEK 576 is a crazy and most beautiful item. I was able to make charts of devices, which can only be made in real time, such as devices with negative resistance (firing of a neon lamp, and some others).

But some wrong use :( has burned out the resistor R350

I provisionally replaced it by another resistor and it works:

I would like to restore it with an original R530 (2k86) resistor, P/N 308-0535-00 . I was hoping somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance!

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