Re: Looking for RSAVu...


I have always liked Tektronix spectrum analyzers. I had a 496, then a 494P - that was awesome. Rock solid, no drift, frequency accurate, and direct entry of parameters from the front panel (once you master the color coded shift system)

I sold the 494P so I could buy the holy grail 'big dog' 2782. What an incredible instrument that is - I still have it. I got the RSA to see what it could do for me and what I could learn. It's very impressive - fast and accurate. The windows OS makes things easy. The USB ports let you use storage do-dads plus a keyboard and mouse. Two ports is a little limiting but a USB hub will combine your keyboard and mouse into one leaving the other free for a memory device.

The first thing I did when I got it was to open it up to find the hard drive. You would hate to have an investment of thousands of dollars become unusable because of a failure.

I took it out, ordered a duplicate, and cloned it. The machine is now running on the clone. I also archived an image file.

While I was in there, I found that there were many bulging caps in the power supply and on the CPU card so I ordered a zillion parts and did a major re-cap.

I suggest you inspect yours.

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