Re: Need Detent Ball Bearing for Sweep Mode Switch

Richard Knoppow

It seems to be a rule of nature that if you toss anything, even if you have had it for decades, within a couple of weeks you will have a critical use for it. OTOH, if you keep everything before long you won't be able to get around your house without crawling under things.

On 6/1/2021 6:18 PM, n4buq wrote:
Yeah, I've found a few places but they're 25 or more. Not really that big of a deal and if I don't find one or two, then I'll get a pack. In any case, it beats buying an entire switch. I'm just so disappointed in myself for "cleaning up" and now not having what's missing. I should've known a blank spot for that bearing would turn up eventually.

Barry - N4BUQ

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I don’t have a stash of ball bearings (that I know of, but there’s a lot of
stuff of my dad’s, out in the garage, that I haven’t had a chance to go
through, so who knows), but you can get 100 of them for $5 on Amazon.

— Jeff Dutky

Richard Knoppow

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