Re: Tektronix RSA3308A Fail

Dave K7DMK

I'm working on a RSA3308A as well, and had some CPU problems too. Are you hearing any beeps from the board when it's powered on? Does the CPU fan start? BTW. the board is made by Attro and it's a CM17BM-1.10. They are tough to find and tend to be pricey for what they are, on Ebay. I don't think it's hard drive related; the board should post with some bios messages and an Adaptec SCSI bios message before boot. Also,If you remove a slide plate over the CPU card I/O bracket you will find the plate is concealing PS2 keyboard and mouse ports.

If you detect some subtle beeps (they are not very loud), you may have a memory problem. Pull out the dimm and clean the gold contacts lightly with an eraser, then wipe with IPA to clean off the rubber residue. I also cleaned the edge connectors on the CPU board the same way.

On the unit here, the CPU and HD assemblies were removed to image the hard drive and to change the RTC battery. I found that the CPU heatsink/fan was rotated 180 degrees from the correct position and no contacting the flip-chip CPU very well. Not sure if that was factory, or it was replaced. When the CPU board was re-installed, the post hung at the Tek splash screen. The logo screen was hiding the bios message "CMOS Data checksum error Press F1 to continue with defaults" A USB keyboard would not work. despite power being present on the 2 USB ports. They are not active until XP boots. That's where the PS2 port is needed. The top connector is for the keyboard.

This unit has a serious remaining problem. None of the front panel controls function with the exception on the power button. The front panel PCB has an Altera Max PLD device and an 18 pin dip, my guess is a PIC processor. It has a label covering the top. They are probably using the PLD as an I/O expander to drive the micro. Other than the 10 MHz clock crystal signal, nothing is alive when probed with a scope. Maybe someone zapped the front panel with some ESD. If you know anyone that may have some parts for these units, let me know. The A60 board front panel board I need seems to be unobtainium. Tek doesn't seem to have parts for these units any more. I'm not positive the PCB is bad, but it looks like it. There is some interface logic on the backplane that talk to the front panel that could be bad.

I do have an image file of the HD, version 3.4. I don't have any experience with option activation on these units. You would probably need to have the unlock codes for your options.


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