Re: GPIB board for calibrating AM503B, or alternatives?

Jared Cabot

Cool, thanks for the addresses, I added it to my spreadsheet of the full default RAM address listing (I'll upload it soon).
Maybe that double space when programming the serial number by GPIB has something to do with the extra byte? We'll have to sniff it while programming via GPIB to be sure what's up.

Out of interest, here is the default values for the serial number. Not sure how much this tells us though:

0xE8 0x00
0xE9 0x19
0xEA 0x80
0xEB 0x01
0xEC 0x00
0xED 0x00
0xEE 0x00
0xEF 0x00

I'm still working on reading from the Bus Pirate with a batch script (not having much luck yet).... I might have to leverage Plink (command line version of Putty), or learn Python if I can't get it working natively in a batch script.

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