Re: Added lots of Hp/Tek spares plus a new category, AC Power to stuff season + Tek blue paint details

Paul Amaranth

If S/W was a supplier and you have the color name, they will most
likely be able to look it up. You might also want to check with one of
their industrial branches. I recently had to get some Sunbelt Rentals
green enamel and they had no problem looking it up.

I had a local branch do a color match not knowing about that and
that formula is in the archive somewhere. Most of the time when they
make up something you're stuck with a gallon.


On Mon, May 24, 2021 at 05:52:27PM -0400, wrote:
I have some of that paint and it came from Stan Griffiths.
The paint color is Williamsburg Blue. Stan had that
matched to Tek scopes. I'm not sure if the Williamsburg
Blue is a stock Sherwin Williams color. It could be as I'm
sure that Tek probably got the paint from S/W. I had
them match me the three colors for Collins S-Line paint
That was at a local store here in Grand Rapids MI. They
probably don't have the formula any more as they don't
keep custom formulas for a LONG time. If Stan had that
custom matched, S/W had a policy of not releasing the
formula for the mix to anyone but the customer that
had it made up. Maybe that's changed too. But who
knows. The store where he had it made up would be the
best bet on the formula.

On 24 May 2021 at 14:14, walter shawlee wrote:

We have been busy adding lots of support parts, and lowering the
cost of ones tha thave been sitting a while, . Alos, I had many
requests for more variable AC power supplies and Variacs like the
custom HP unit we had up last month, so we have added a new

I will keep adding items to it as I find them. Let me know if any
more specific requests,

On the Tek blue paint issue, the stuff I use, which is a perfect
match for color and luster is marked as follows:
Master Blend

the specific blend label says:
OPEX L61 Lacquer
Tek Blue
05/05/2011 (when I got mine)
Portland Commercial #4383
to reorder (503) 249-0222

I think several of us got paint at the same time some years ago,
this is all the data to get more, assuming they are still in
it is excellent paint, the match is incredible.
shipping, however, is a total nightmare.

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

Kim Herron W8ZV

Kim Herron
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