Re: Getting calibration equipment calibrated


I agree, a fluke 515A is an excellent calibrator (if working and calibrated) for any home lab, maybe ditch the batteries, they are nothing but trouble. They show up regularly, but again, the issue is how do you know it's still good, especially if you buy it used? Being defective is the usual reason they get sold. Others have mentioned some very good DC references that can be used to cross-check it that are not expensive, so you can get to the goal line if you are careful. Also, make friends with somebody close by that has a better bit of gear than you do so you can do a quick check or cal if needed. Outside validation is essential.

I use a regularly cal'd Fluke 5100B to do my DMMs and similar items (I had several 515As, but got rid of them for this), plus I cross-check to a cal'd hp 34401A (I just can't afford a 3458A, but it is the magic weapon if you can afford to cal it!). I also built a super stable 10.0000VDC reference I use as a secondary cross-check, along with a selected super stable 10k resistor.

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