Re: 7934 option 02 and IKEA

Dave Peterson

Congrats Karin! And you were about to give those away!

It's not a good hobby unless it really pisses you off sometimes. Just means its challenging you.

On Monday, May 24, 2021, 12:04:46 PM PDT, Karin Johnson <> wrote:

Does anyone know what "option 02" is for a 7934????
On the IKEA note, I needed a roll around cart for my newly assembled 7934 and I stopped at the local IKEA store.  It turns out one of the ALEX drawer units that comes in a blue/gray color is almost a perfect match for the Tektronix blue.  Plus the top is about one inch larger than the 7934 footprint.  At perfect little cart and it even has drawers for storing all sorts of stuff.

On the brightest of brightest notes, I did manage to get the disassembled 7934 that I was complaining about back together and it works like a charm.
Plus I also managed to get a new old stock HV transformer installed in my other 7934, that works too. 

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