Re: 547 Restoration conundrum #photo-notice

Jason A.

Thank you for the recommendations all!

I took a look at the neck as best I could without fully removing it and I don't see any spare magnets or damage inside the tube neck itself. That said, I will need to get it removed to fully inspect it and I haven't had sufficient time for that yet. The Mu metal shield doesn't look like it's suffered any trauma that I can see. At one point in time, I used to have a tape head demagnetizer - I'm pretty sure it has been relegated to the bottom of a box somewhere probably 20 years ago. Once I can put my hands on it, I may try running it over the outside of the shield unless anyone knows this to be a bad idea. Otherwise, I think what I may do is live with it until I can find another CRT for mine. So long as I know what it is doing wrong I can accommodate it in my observations. At some point I will want it to be more correct but for now it sounds like I'll have to wait for a decent CRT to show up to fully fix it or at least fully troubleshoot it.

I really appreciate all the discussion and links to the 475 with similar issues. I'll be curious to see if I can find anything amiss in the neck once I get the CRT out of the shield.

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