Re: My eye sensitivity to blue-violet higher than normal

Carsten Bormann

On 2021-05-24, at 01:34, Mark Vincent wrote:

I would like to know from anyone in this group that has a good educated to
known medical reason why I have a higher sensitivity and ease of viewing
light that is blue to violet so easily. I understand the rods and cones in
the eye and have enough medical knowledge to understand the Latin and Greek
terms of medical words. I have NO problem in seeing, focusing or any form
of eye strain on light that is in the high frequency part of the spectrum
of blue to violet, including indigo.
Well, you’re a mutant then.
(I’m not joking; you might very well be [2].)
Any other anomalies in your color vision?

Let me explain what is really special about the blue-sensitive cones:
Only about 2 % of our cones are of that kind [1]. That is enough for our eyes to be quite *sensitive* to blue light, but it gives a much lower *resolution* for blue light than for the green-to-red part of the spectrum.

That is why it is harder to resolve fine details in blue-on-black or yellow-on-white or any other contrast that differs only in the blue part of the spectrum. As long as the features are big, no problem. But at some point the small number of blue-sensitive cones just doesn’t have the resolution we are used to having for green-to-red.

I have no comment on your other observations, but when it comes to average human vision in the blue spectrum, it is important to distinguish sensitivity (which is great) from resolution (which is poor).

Grüße, Carsten


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