Re: Tektronix 2465B Square wave noise on active readout. #photo-notice

Egge Siert

Hi to All,

Regarding my remark about the newer Controller Boards in early 2465B's. In my Files I read the following (out of a SMD-Board Description of Qservice):

" This board is backwards compatible with ALL SMD Versions having Part Numbers ending in -00, -01, -02 , -03 , -04, -05

It can also be used in older B Series Oscilloscopes to replace the older Discrete Component Controllers
and eliminate the need for a separate Readout Board as this board contains all readout circuitry,

Using it in any older serial number instruments (below B050000 ) is limited to standard instruments only.
Options fitted in low serial oscilloscopes will not work with new controllers. "


Egge Siert

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