Re: "Chats"

Vince Vielhaber

On 05/20/2021 02:28 PM, Roy Thistle wrote:
On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 09:31 AM, Vince Vielhaber wrote:

chats is that they're not searchable
Search worked for:
Question: Understanding a scope probe
2430A scope problem
using the search engine, and were also indexed on Google.

Some of the older chats did not turn up with the search... or Google... so may have just started indexing them. (Or the indexing may be something you get when you pay for a subscription.)
I was able to join some of the oldest chats on TekScopes... so they are still active. That means they are indexed somehow on
Ok, JOIN one of the chats and search for something from within it. It's the contents that aren't searchable, I thought what I meant was a given, guess not.


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