Re: "Chats"

Vince Vielhaber

On 05/20/2021 11:46 AM, Roy Thistle wrote:
On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 01:57 AM, dave G8SFU wrote:

...disable the chat facility. If a discussion needs to go out of mainstream it can go to pm.
I reckon, Chats ought not to be a place to start a discussion about the culinary advantages of rutabagas versus turnips. Rather is would be about "tekscopes" which is mainstream on TekScopes ... I reckon.
The big problem I'm seeing with chats is that they're not searchable. Never mind the fact that you have to join them to see what's going on. If someone has a problem and it gets solved in the chat, how will anyone else be able to find it?

Seems to me Chats should be left for threads that get so off topic that they don't belong on the list and whoever wants to continue the conversation can move/join it there.


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