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I probably won't use the functionality but, I might.

I think that turning off a feature, particularly if it isn't costing extra, because not enough good points about it are evident doesn't make as much sense as turning off a feature because there are definite negatives about it.

It's also possible that chats might prevent some of the OT discussions (of which I'm as guilty as anyone) from invading the list's email.

Barry - N4BUQ

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On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 02:09 AM, Vintage Test wrote:

What would be the purpose of having a ‘chat’, as opposed to simply posting
Well... there are at least a couple of reasons. I'll call them good: Dennis
is the arbiter.
AFAIK the Group is paying for this feature; whether it is of benefit or not.
Do you want less for your money? (If the answer is yes, there are lots of
people interested.)
It used to be...who needs e-mail?... when you've got snail-mail. (And that
started with who needs a postal system, when you can scrawl your messages on
a rock, along the beaten path.) "Chats" AFAICT are like "rag chew" vs. NTS.
They provide a "space" on, in the TekScopes forum where a
"conversation" can be done as naturally as possible.
"[S]imply posting here..." is not the same thing. (Is elaboration needed?)
If you're starting a "chat", I reckon you ought to be on-line, and monitoring
the chat, to see if anyone wants to join in.
I know (or I think I know) we're all use to throwing stuff out there to see
what sticks to the "wall", and then waiting (sometimes a day or more...
particularly if you get digests) to check; but, I'd doesn't have to work
that way.
And finally, for those whose blood pressure is now going past 181/81 mm Hg...
because of this post... don't worry about it. Turn on your favourite Tek
scope, and enjoy!
Roy Thistle

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