Tek 2465 vqout inconsistency



Wondering if anyone has been here before me with the 2465/2465b manuals and the vqout traces.

On test point 66 (from u950) it shows as square wave 10V to 12Vish period 3ms (sweep on 0.5ms/div) on A9 board test point 69 which is connected to test point 66 by at 10 ohm resistor the waveform has changed to a ringing oscillation period 2.5us (looks like off fly back oscillation)

In the 2465b manual the waveform is a square wave on a rising curve period 3ms and the 10ohm resistor R1921 has been replaced by a small inductor L1921 510nH.

I am genuinely puzzled why the waveforms are so different! Will have to look at a real scope when I manage to get back in workshop (currently recuperating)


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